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Yoga class where students are in the downward facing dog pose


DoTerra essential oils and lotions




Offering 2 ways to practice yoga: in person at our studio space or online via Zoom. We have a variety of classes to meet your needs: All Levels Vinyasa, Gentle, Yin, Private & Groups. 

Yoga helps you gain flexibility, improve your posture, change your mindset, sleep better & connect with like-minded people.

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Wellness is so much more than not being sick. It is a critical part of the mind, body, and soul connection. Wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle and the six principals are: eating healthy, being active, avoiding toxins and poisons, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and cultivating loving, supportive relationships. It requires making a conscious decision and then committing effort, energy, and enthusiasm to achieve. We will be exploring various wellness topics every month.

Breathe - we've got your back! We offer a variety of special events which brings our community together! We share information, smiles & laughter. Community is the core of our business.

Upcoming Events

Beach Retreat to Surf City May 14th

Yoga Retreat to Jim Thorpe November 4-6

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