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New to yoga?


Check out Yoga 101 to become familiar with many of the poses you'll see in class.

Yoga for Parkinson's, Beginners, Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle, and Mindful Warrior

If it's your first class with us, please complete and submit a waiver prior to attending.The waiver can also be completed and emailed to

Yoga for Parkinson's


This chair yoga class will address stiffness, mobility, balance, and breath. By committing to a regular practice, you will find the amazing benefits of yoga: easing anxiety, reducing stress, and gaining flexibility and strength. Join us in keeping active and calm.


NOTE: anyone taking a Yoga for Parkinson's class must fill out and submit an Intake Form prior to attending a class. This form can also be completed and emailed to


Beginners Series

Join us and learn the basics from poses and breathwork to what props work best for you. This beginners series is starting in January 2024!


All Levels Vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga links breath and movement which allows you to obtain balance in the mind and body. This form of yoga gives you a chance to stretch and strengthen, plus get a good cardiovascular workout. For beginners through advanced yogis.

Yin (on hiatus)

Yin yoga is a gentle, quiet, contemplative practice. Through a series of seated and reclining poses held for longer periods of time (2-5 minutes), yin yoga addresses the ligaments, joints, connective tissue, fascial networks, and bones. Yin yoga improves circulation, increases flexibility, improves joint mobility, releases fascia, reduces stress, and relaxes the mind.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is perfect for someone who is new to yoga or looking to slow down. Modifications are offered for this slower-paced, softer, and nurturing practice. You will also find breath work and meditation incorporated into class.

Mindful Warrior (on hiatus)

Honor your mind and body with this sequenced Vinyasa class. Our spin on Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior.

Check out our full class schedule here.

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