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July 8, 2021: Eating Healthy and Locally

As the days grow warmer, our bodies need food that is not only healthy but cooling as well. Last month, Heart & Soul visited Able Farm and learned about the 55 different veggies that are grown on the property. After yoga, we were able to purchase kale, arugula, garlic, Tokyo turnips, radishes, green beans, spring onions, and herbs. These veggies inspired me to create my Green & White Salad.

As we roll into July, it is time to hit the nearby farm or your local farmers market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Look for vegetables and fruits that are high in water content which help the body stay hydrated and cool from within. These veggies include cucumbers, zucchini, lemons, celery, green beans, pumpkin, and seasonal fruits like melons, oranges, berries, and apples. The higher the water content, the more easily you can digest these foods and therefore more cooling to your body.

One thing that stood out to me from our visit to Able Farm was when Tom said we should eat seasonally. I really never thought about it before as we have access to pretty much any vegetable and fruit year long. Tom explained that eating strawberries in late May and June is when the berries are more nutritious and flavorful than in the winter months. Seasonal eating supports local economy and helps cultivate a more resilient, sustainable food system. Seasonal choices can also mean supporting food that spent less time traveling and in storage, which can significantly cut back on environmental impacts.

Take time to eat healthy and support your local farmers! Here are Danielle's and my salad recipes that we shared on social media during June! Click on each image to view them in full.

Bon Appétit,


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