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July 27, 2021: Feel the Waves of Movement

July is known for its hot days, humidity, thunderstorms, and vacations! Time to go to the beach, lake, or swimming pool. Time to feel the water move across your skin. Time to quench your thirst with a large glass of cool water. Water not only nourishes us from the inside by keeping us hydrated but it can also calm our minds. As soon as you hit the beach and hear the sound of the waves crashing, your mind starts to calm down. Your breath slows and so does your central nervous system. No wonder so many people choose to vacation near a body of water!

As you breathe in, feel like the wave is rolling towards the shore. As you exhale, feel the wave roll back out to sea. This breathing technique is so awesome on a hot summer day! It allows you to take that time to relax both mind and body. We’ve been exploring poses that ripple like the waves of the ocean. Taking cat/cow very slowly, feeling each vertebra move along the spine. Swimming into pigeon pose, taking small pushups before settling into sleeping pigeon. All of this rhythm creates waves in our body.

Water is the element of emotion, creativity, passion, and pleasure. Like the rolling tides of the ocean, the water element is strong yet soft and fluid. This element encourages us to tap into our emotional bodies, honor our intuition, and follow our passions. Follow your passions and know that whatever comes your way, you can ride it like a wave.

Get outside and spend some time by the ocean, lake, stream, or pool! Feel the fresh air and the rhythm of the water. Learn how to slow down.

I love this quote!!!

”If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.” Nayyirah Waheed

Enjoy the flow! The fluidity of your breath and movement can translate to a beautiful outlook on life.



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